You have an interview in English soon...

Are you worried your language or communication skills aren't good enough for an interview?

Are you nervous when explaining things in English?

Do you need help preparing answers to interview questions?

Do you want interview practice before the interview?

Do you want feedback on your answers and communication style?

Working with a client

I'll coach you so you get into school or get the job.


I know interviews and I know English communication 

You won't find many interview coaches who combine:

  • Corporate management experience
  • A graduate degree in corporate communication
  • English teaching experience

I have all three of these.

If you're a non-native English speaker and you need to interview in English, whether in an English speaking country or an international company, you need a coach like me.

I've helped hundreds of clients

...from all industries, all experience levels, with different English levels and communication skills – succeed in their interviews. They've gotten jobs at PwC, Amazon, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Ernst & Young, etc., and gotten into Collegiate, Spence, Riverstone International School, Harvard, MIT, Georgetown, Texas A&M, and Boston University, just as some examples. 


More details about my education and experience...

I managed a large team at the biggest publishing company in the world

In college I was an English major, and my first job was as a copyeditor working on Cell, a molecular biology journal owned by Reed Elsevier. I worked there for 7 years and became the Senior Managing Editor of two journals, Molecular Cell and Immunity. During those years I interviewed, hired, and managed dozens of copyeditors, proofreaders, editors, designers, compositors, and printing companies. I think I interviewed just about everyone in New England!

I negotiated $10 million per year in contracts at a global, multinational company

I switched to the business side of publishing at Pearson, where as Contracts Manager, I negotiated $10M per year in editorial contracts with vendors. I talked to sales people about their teams and products and established contracts with hundreds of vendors that wrote and edited our textbooks. In that role, I gained world-class negotiating skills.

I was trained in interviewing and public speaking

While I was working, I went back to school to study Corporate Communication and got a Master's in Corporate Communication from Northeastern University. Through this training, I mastered the art of giving speeches and presentations.

I became an ESL and Business English teacher 

More recently, I earned a Teaching English as a Second Language certificate at the Boston Language Institute. I've been teaching ESL ever since, eventually specializing in Business English. Now I focus on interview preparation, working with students and professionals who want to take their English skills to the next level.  


Why you should choose me as your interview coach

Most English teachers don't have corporate experience and most former corporate executives can't do English language or communication skills coaching. 

The combination of all of my experience makes me the perfect interview coach for non-native English speakers.