Post-interview thank you note template

If your interview’s over, you’re probably thinking, “Now that my interview’s over, do I need to do anything else?”

Yes, actually, you do need to do one more thing. What one thing is that?

Send a thank you note after your interview

After you finish your interview, it’s important to thank the interviewer. I don’t mean while you’re still talking to them, although you should do this too, I mean afterward.

 A quick thank you within 24 hours is expected by most interviewers.

 You won’t get the job only because you sent a thank you, but you’ll be noticed if you don’t send one.

Format for your thank you note

Email is the best way to send a thank you.

In some industries written thank you notes are still common, but in other industries like tech sending a written note doesn’t fit the culture. If you use email you will be fine in all cases.

I advise against written notes because they take so long to arrive; you want to get yours in there before days and days have elapsed.

When should you send the thank you note?

Within 24 hours. If you can send it the same day, do that.

The reason you’re sending the note is because you want to give the interviewer one more reason to think positively of you. If you send it after they’ve already made up their mind about whom to hire, what’s the point? You want to send it quickly so you have a chance to influence them.

What to say in your post-interview thank you note

A note that says simply “thank you for meeting with me” is nice, but what does it show? That you have manners? Manners are good, but they probably already know you have manners (I hope you showed them you have manners during your interview.)

 There are several things you can say in your note:

  •  You should say “thank you for meeting with me.”

  • You can promote yourself more by reminding them of your skills or experience.

  •  You can refer to something you said in your interview if you want to underline it.

  •  If there’s something you forgot to say, say it.

  •  Tell them one reason you’re excited to have the job.

 Thank you email template

You can use this template for the basic idea and customize it with your own ideas.

Hi [Interviewer Name],

Thank you for meeting with me today. I enjoyed learning more about the job, and I’m excited about the opportunity to join [company name] and [do whatever you would be doing].

[Additional info if you wish.]

I look forward to hearing from you about the next steps in the hiring process.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can provide additional information.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Example of a thank you email

Dear X,

I would like to take the time to thank you and the hiring team for your willingness to speak to me on Friday about the X position. I’m excited by the prospect of working for X and adding my expertise to your team.

My skills seem to be an ideal fit for the X role, and to reiterate, I feel that I could be a great asset as I am able to think and act globally in the area of X.

I enjoyed our interview and look forward to speaking with you again about the role.



Send a LinkedIn connection request

After you send your thank you email, you can also send a LinkedIn connection request. This is one more chance to communicate with your interviewer and make a good impression.

LinkedIn connection request template

It was a pleasure meeting you and learning more about [company] and the [name of position]. I’m very interested in joining your team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. In the meantime, I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network.


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