Georgetown McDonough EMBA interview questions

Here’s a list of questions that my client recently got asked in his EMBA interview at Georgetown University.

This should give you an idea of potential questions, although interview questions can vary widely from interviewer to interviewer.

The first thing my client told me is that the admissions officer had read his application package closely. The officer knew the names of his recommenders and could talk about his resume without looking at it. He’d clearly done his homework.

Don't all admissions people do this? Not necessarily. The admissions officers at the better schools tend to spend more time with the applications before the interview.

The reason this matters to you is that if your interviewer already knows about you when you meet, you won't be spending much time on intro questions like "Tell me about yourself" and "What do you want to learn in this program?" 

This means you'll start out with the harder questions.

Georgetown EMBA Interview Questions

The interview started with a case study: my client was given15 min to read a 5 page case. I'm not going to talk about how to analyze a business case right now but it's very common in B school interviews. 

Once you factor the case in, there were only 30 minutes left for questions. Here are the questions he got asked.

1. What weaknesses or gaps in your skills are you hoping that the program will address?

I assume you already know the answer to this question, so you should be honest. You've probably already talked about this in your essays.

2. What strengths would you bring to the program?

Before your interview you should prepare your key selling points, the top 3-5 things about yourself that you want to talk about in your interview. 

3. How do you want to be remembered by your peers in the program once you're finished? 

Another way of asking you about your strengths. 

4. Whom do you most admire?

My client said his father, but I don't recommend this answer because it's fairly common. 

Remember the point of the interview — to talk about your strengths when possible. Give an answer that shows something about who you are. 

5. If you could have a cup of coffee with one person in the world, across all time, whom would it be? And what would you discuss?

Please don't say Jesus or Steve Jobs. I hear these answers all the time.

My client said LeBron James, and that he wanted to ask him about what business ventures he's going to do once he retires from playing. This was a good answer because it wasn't what everyone else says — I'm sure no one else will say the same thing. 

It also conveyed something about my client's personality: he's from Cleveland and he loves basketball. Is this really a strength? Well, the interviewer wants to know your personality. You want them to remember you. I'm sure they won't forget the person who talked about LeBron, whereas if you say Jesus or Steve they will forget you the second you walk out the door. 

5. How will you apply what you learn to your current job?

6. What’s your biggest challenge right now at your current workplace?

And then the interview was over.

Not very long at all, but no intro questions, no resume-related questions, unless you count #6, and no behavioral questions.


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