Greetings and introductions before your interview

The first minute of an interview is when the interviewer decides if they like you.

This is why you should review your English for greetings and introductions.

English for greetings and introductions in interviews

Identifying yourself at the front desk

What do you say?


"Hello, my name is Jennifer Scupi" or "Hello, I'm Jennifer Scupi."

"I have an appointment with Ms. Johnson at 3."


"Hello Ms. Scupi. Please have a seat."

The difference between "Hi" and "Hello"? There's nothing wrong with saying "hi" instead of "hello." They mean exactly the same thing. However, "hi" is more casual. Since an interview is a formal occasion, it's better to use formal language, which is why "hello" is probably a better choice. If you say "hi" by accident it isn't a problem, but try to use formal language the rest of the time.

Don't use "hey" instead of "hello." This is very casual, and shouldn't be used in professional situations.

It's time for the interview 


"Ms. Johnson is ready for you now. Please follow me."

or "I'll take you to Ms. Johnson now. This way."


"Thank you."

"Thank you" or "thanks"? They mean the same thing, but "thanks" is a little more casual. Again, try to choose the more formal choice in an interview.

Showing you into the office


"Ms. Johnson, this is Ms. Scupi."


"Hello Ms. Scupi, nice to meet you."


"Hello, nice to meet you too."

There are many ways to introduce someone. You could say, "I'd like you to meet Ms. Scupi"

or "I'd like to introduce you to Ms. Scupi."

Waiting in the lobby 


"Hello, are you Ms. Scupi?"

or "Excuse me, are you Ms. Scupi?"

or "You must be Ms. Scupi."


"Yes, I'm Jennifer Scupi. Hello."

I'm sure you've heard all of these phrases before, but it can help to review them. 

Here is the audio of these phrases if you'd like to hear them and repeat

What next?

There are more greetings and introductions in American English than I've listed here. Make sure you remember how to say them all, because you don't know which ones you'll need.

You should:

  • Review basic greeting and introductions vocabulary

  • Go over the audio here for listening practice

  • Practice these questions and answers with yourself

  • Practice with someone else and get feedback

I know that there's a lot to work on before an interview, but if you spend time preparing you can do well, even if English isn't your native language.


 I’m happy to say that after working with me, my clients, who range from entry level to executive level, have done well in their interviews and gotten the job they wanted.

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