Free consultation

If you're interested in working with me, please set up a consultation (just email me).

We can talk over the phone, Skype, Hangouts, or even through email, whichever you prefer.

In our consultation I can answer any questions you have and I'll learn about you, your English level, your communication skills, and your upcoming interview. 

 Interview Coaching Session

$100 USD for 1 hour

Includes: mock interview, feedback, coaching on your content and interview style.

Works well if you have some interview experience already.

Please send me your resume and job description before the session.

Via phone or Skype, your preference.

Intensive Interview Coaching Session

$150 USD for 90 min

Because you may not have a lot of time to prepare, this is a focused interview prep session to help you get ready quickly. We can also break it up into two 45 minute sessions.

Includes: mock interview, feedback, coaching on your content and interview style, 2nd mock interview for more practice.

Works well if you have some interview experience already.

You will send me your resume and job description before the session.

Via phone or Skype, your preference.

3 Hour Interview Coaching Package

3 hours for $275 USD

Three hours at my normal rate of $100 an hour would be $300, so you save $25. 

If you have a bit of time to prepare, this package offers more time for you to work on your skills.

Includes: mock interviews, feedback, coaching on your content and interview style, more practice, homework, email support.

You will send me your resume and job description before the session.

Via phone or Skype, your preference.

6 Hour Interview Coaching Package

6 hours for $450 USD

Six hours at my normal rate of $100 an hour would be $600, so you save $150. 

If you have a week or more to prepare, this package offers more time for you to work on your skills.

Includes: mock interviews, feedback, coaching on your content and interview style, more practice, homework, email support.

This is useful if you're applying to more than one job, because we can work on questions for each company or job separately. We can also use some of the hours to work on your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile if you need help with those.

You will send your resume and job description before the interview.

Via phone or Skype, your preference.

Resume Session

$100 USD for 1 hour

If you think your resume needs work, and you have some time before your interview, I can help you redo it. 

Many people come to me when their interview is already scheduled so I don't do resumes with every client, but I'm happy to work on yours.

It's hard for me to tell you how long it will take me to redo your resume before I see it. 1 hour is the average time I'll need. If it's already good it might take me 30 minutes. It might also take me longer.

Cover Letter Brainstorming and Writing Session

$100 USD for 1 hour

I usually write cover letters for clients after doing their resume, but I can also write one for you without working on your resume. 

LinkedIn Profile Session

$100 USD for 1 hour

If your profile needs work, I can help you redo it. 

It's usually a good idea to work on your resume first, because if your resume is bad it's hard to have a good profile. 

Communication Skills Coaching Sessions

$100 USD for 1 hour

Sometimes after I work with a client on their resume and interview prep they decide that they need more help, not necessarily targeted to interviews. I've had people ask me for help with various things. For instance, I can help you with:

Cultural issues: Do you want to ask someone questions about the weird things that Americans do? 

English focus: Are you still not comfortable speaking to people in English at work? We can do some focused work on your business English skills. 

Presentation prep: Do you have a presentation you need to write? I can help you write it and/or listen to you present it and give you feedback.

Communication topics: One client wanted to ask me how to deal with someone when they interrupted him. One person wanted help being more direct when talking about his accomplishments. We'd already worked on this in his interview prep but he wanted more coaching. 

If we've already worked together and you feel comfortable with me we can continue to work on your communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need interview coaching?

  • You're nervous about interviewing in English

  • You don't have much or any experience interviewing

  • You read and write in English much better than you speak in English

  • You want someone to give you feedback on your interview performance

  • You want to practice your English conversation or small talk before your interview

  • You know that personal feedback can improve your interview performance

  • You'd like help practicing common interview questions

  • You don't know how to answer difficult interview questions

  • You're applying to Amazon and don't understand how to use the Leadership Principles in your answers


What types of people and industries do you work with?

I work with people from many different countries, with English levels from intermediate to advanced. 

I work with all ages as well, from high school students to senior executives. 

I'm proud to share that my clients have gotten jobs at great companies like PwC, Amazon, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Ernst & Young, and others, and gotten into schools like Collegiate, Spence, Riverstone International School, Harvard, Texas A&M, Boston University, and American University, for example.

You can hear more from my former clients here on the Testimonials page.


Do you work with Americans too?

I started my business by working only with internationals. Now I work with some Americans or native English speakers as well. To tell you the truth, there isn't really much difference between a native speaker and a non-native speaker with advanced English. 


What will we cover during a session?

Everyone’s interview is a little different so everyone's sessions with me will be a little different.

Each school and company has a different interview style and we will focus on the questions and style you need for yours.

The basic structure of each session will be practice questions, feedback, coaching, more practice questions. The real difference is the length of our time together. You can see the different packages that I offer at the top of the page, but like I said the real difference is in the time we spend.


How many sessions do I need?

What we cover in a session depends on your needs. However, I can tell you what I will do with a typical client.

Before the first session:

Via email or phone, I will ask you why you need my help. You can ask me any questions about my services or what we will cover. I will also ask you for your resume and the job description of the job you are applying for. This will help me prepare for our first session. If you're applying for school, I will ask you for your resume and any essays you've written about yourself and the schools you're applying to.

First session:

Basic questions: I'll start with basic interview questions. These are the types of questions you'll have to be able to answer at any type of interview. An example is "Why do you want to work here?" If you answer these very well, we'll move on quickly. If you don't, we'll spend more time on them. Sometimes I spend one or more sessions on these questions. If you can't answer them, you'll need more practice.

Questions about your experience: We'll move on to these types of questions next. I'll look at your resume and ask you questions about everything on it, like jobs and education. Again, if you can discuss these comfortably we'll move on quickly. If not, I'll give you feedback about what I think are the weaknesses in your answers and give you tips on how to correct them. 

Behavioral questions: Once you've mastered the first two types of questions, we'll move on to behavioral questions. These are the types of questions where you need to tell a story in your answer. An example of one of these questions is "Tell me about a time you failed at something." Most companies, and also schools, are using these types of questions now. 

Stories or narratives: Sometimes clients have problems thinking of the stories they need to use to answer these questions. I can help with this.

English: I work with people who have varying comfort levels in English. Sometimes I give tips on grammar and other English language-related problems you may have, but sometimes this isn't a topic we discuss. I'm happy to give you my opinion of your English level and tell you if I think it will be a problem for you in an interview. I was an English (ESL) teacher so I can help you with your English-related problems, but it won't be the focus of our appointment unless it will be a problem for you in your interview.

Second session: 

A person with advanced English who is experienced at interviews will be able to move through these three categories in one session, the 90 minute Intensive Interview Coaching session. If your English is intermediate or upper intermediate or if you're uncomfortable answering questions or if you haven't prepared your stories yet I would advise you to choose the package with 3 hours. 3 hours sounds like a lot of time, but you'll be surprised at how fast we move through it.

Amazon candidates:

If you're interviewing at Amazon, the leadership principles add an extra twist to your prep and you should allow more time than you would for a non-Amazon interview. If you're interviewing at Amazon and you don't know what I mean, you should read my blog posts about Amazon interviews.


Can you guarantee that my interview will be successful?

I can guarantee that you will be a much stronger candidate after our work together. However, I can't control how you do during the interview. That being said, my clients have had amazing success in their interviews

I sincerely believe that I will help you become a better interviewer, but if you don't agree I'm happy to refund your money.


Can you help me with my technical interview?

No. I can help you with the non-technical portion of your technical interview, but I'm not a technical person so I'm not the right person for that. If you want resources about technical interview prep, look on Amazon. There are a lot of books written about that, as well as websites, blog posts, etc.

In my experience my clients aren't worried about the technical piece, they are more worried about the rest of the interview.


Where will sessions take place?

Our sessions are by phone or video chat, your choice. I advise doing at least one session by phone because you will definitely have a phone interview (in most cases) and phone interviews are in many ways harder than on sites.

We can use whatever video conferencing program you prefer — Skype, Zoom, Face time, Google Hangouts, etc. It's your preference as to which we do. If you don't specify before our session, I will use the phone. 


How do I set up a session?

Email me at

We can set up a consultation chat/call or I can answer your questions over email.


How do I pay?

Our initial consultation call (if we have one) is free. After that, I will invoice you via PayPal before we meet. 


Can I get a refund?

Yes, I will refund your money if I didn't help you improve your interview skills.


What if I don't want to finish my package?

If a cancellation request is made when a package is partially completed, I will issue a refund for only the sessions which have not started. Individual sessions will not be refunded following the first call. 


This all sounds good, but I have some other questions…

Great! Contact me anytime. I’d love to hear from you. My email is

Success depends on previous preparation. Without it there is sure to be failure.
— Confucius