I offer interview coaching for people who are trying to get a job. I work with people in all industries and at all experience levels. 

I specialize in working with non-native English speakers. 

I'll prepare you to succeed in your job interview through mock interviewing, verbal and/or written feedback, and tips. We'll talk about what you say (the content) and how you say it (the delivery – eye contact, body language, how fast you're speaking, the tone of your voice, etc.).

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Free consultation

If you're interested in working with me, please set up a consultation.

We can talk over the phone, Skype, Hangouts, or even through email.

It's best if we meet for a consultation before we work together so I can answer any questions you have. You can ask me questions about the process, and I'll learn about you, your English level, your goals, and your upcoming interview. 


Job Interview Coaching

If you want to improve your interview skills, you need to talk to a real person and get feedback. This type of interaction is especially important if you are not a native English speaker but are interviewing in English.

If you work with me, we'll practice your answers to common interview questions in your industry. We'll spend time developing winning answers to questions like, "Tell me about yourself," and "What is your weakness?" We'll also develop good examples to use in behavioral interviews and I'll teach you the STAR technique for answering them. 

We'll identify your common mistakes, and I'll teach you how to fix them. 

You need training, practice, and feedback to succeed in your interview. Let me help.

Success depends on previous preparation. Without it there is sure to be failure.
— Confucius