Amazon Job Interview Prep Success Stories

Sanjeev B.

"I had a nice interview, had a good discussion with the recruiter manager, cracked the principle questions very well with better fluent English. Thanks to you. But unfortunately, I was not selected for next interview as they want the expert level in coding and SQL queries developer which I honestly said that I can not do since it is not what I am expecting from the job responsibilities. 
I thank you once again and meanwhile, please feel free to reach out if you happen to be in Columbus city. I and my wife would love to meet you personally. Best wishes to you continued teaching passion. God bless. :)

– from India, applying for IT Business Analyst/Kindle in Seattle

Mustafa H.

"Thank you for helping me prepare for my Amazon interview. I know that I talk too much and always give too much detail. Cut cut cut! Thank you for practicing the STAR method with me. I would happily recommend you to others who need support."

– from Pakistan, applying for Program Manager on the Alexa team in Cambridge

Bhushan P.

"Jennifer, thank you for our Skype coaching session. It was a really helpful session for me..! I know that you helped me to shorten my answers. They were much too long. You helped me work on my intro statement because it was too long and had too many details. You also answered all my questions about the Amazon interviews."

– from India, applying for IT position in Seattle

Adrian L. 

"I had two sessions with Jennifer. She said that my answers were too detailed and they needed structure so we worked on the STAR method. She said that I improved a lot after our first session, and I think I did. Interviewing at Amazon isn't easy."

– from Mexico, applying for Senior Business Development Manager, Amazon Marketplace

Awais K.

"Got in. Thanks Jennifer for your article. It helped a lot."

– Interviewing for Data Engineer job in Seattle

Doug S. 

"I got the job! Thanks for your help. Your preparation was spot on."

– Applying for Sales Manager at Amazon bookstore on the West Coast

Roshi M.

"Jennifer answered a lot of questions for me about interviewing at Amazon. She advised me to mention that I had an MBA at the beginning of my intro and add my sales numbers (which are good) and add numbers to my answers, and we also talked about how to be assertive but not be seen as aggressive (as a woman)."

–from India, applying for Account Manager job in Higher Ed, Seattle


Job Interview Prep Success Stories

Ghadd Alhajaj

"By the way Jennifer I did the interview it was greeaaat. I just did what you said and it was absolutely great. Thank you dear God bless you."

– Doctor from Saudi Arabia, applying for a neurology fellowship at a children's hospital in Canada


"I've had a lot of English teachers and you are the best of them. Thank you for your help with my presentation skills and with improving my level of English over the last year. I know that I wouldn't have this job if I hadn't been working with you."

 – Health care industry consultant at PwC, Rome


"I worked with Jennifer for 5 sessions. We practiced regular questions and behavioral questions, and she also explained to me how small talk works in America in interviews. She also told me I had to start reading the paper in case someone asked me about current events at dinner or at the interview. Our preparation clearly worked because I got accepted to the Cleveland Clinic, which was my first choice."

– Medical student from China, doing rotations in the US and applying for an anesthesiology residency in US hospitals

Kathy Li

"Jennifer helped me write my resume. She showed me how to describe my jobs using numbers – amount of sales per year, for example – and I think that was very helpful because I am in sales and the numbers are important. I put my resume on LinkedIn and I got called by a recruiter the next day and had an interview the next week. Jennifer gave me tips on how to talk about myself in the interview. My English is not perfect but I did well and got a new job making more than my old boss!

– Sales executive from Hong Kong, went from junior sales executive at an Italian food and beverage company to senior sales executive at a Swiss chocolate company

Diego V. 

"Our lessons was very nice and Jennifer has a very good experience in interview preparation. We spent four hours before my interview reviewing my experience and planning my answers. She told me I need to not say "uh" in each sentence. Her tips will be very useful! Thanks Jennifer!"

– Brazilian accountant, Senior M&A Manager at Big 4 firm, applying for a secondment in the US

Roberto Cardozo

"Jennifer is very attentive and helpful teacher. She gave me tips for questions and answers in job interviews and how to use the correct vocabulary."

– Systems Analyst from Brazil, applying to a German company

Pablo Villareno

"I speak fairly good English but I don't know the right words for interviews. Jennifer helped me write down my answers to common interview questions. It was very important for me to write them first so I could study them. Then we practiced them together. This method worked very well for me because I did well in the interview and got the job I wanted."

– IT Consultant, from Argentina working in the US


"Thank you for help with my job interview answers. I wanted some feedback about my interview skills and my English. I feel more comfortable now."

– French marketing associate, applying for a new job in marketing

Valeria C.

"Jennifer coached me through preparing for interviews. I've been in the US since I was 18 and my English is very good, but I worry about my accent. I wanted feedback on my communication skills because I haven't been doing well in interviews and I wasn't sure why. Jennifer told me what I might be doing wrong and we practiced answering basic questions until I felt more comfortable. With Jennifer's expert guidance and encouragement I gained confidence in my abilities and potential for success. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with interviewing in English."

– Administrative assistant from the Ukraine, working in the US


"Very nice lesson! We talked about job interviews. She gave me tips for answering common questions."

– Italian accountant, working in the automotive industry in Italy


"We prepared for my first English interview and she is really good about teaching."

– from Turkey


Admissions Interview Prep Success Stories

Natalia Qiao

"Jennifer is well experienced in helping students with interview preparing. If you are worried about your interview, do not hesitate to ask for help from Jennifer and her suggestions will be more than you  expected."

– Chinese college student, applying to the European Forum Alpbach


"Hi Jennifer, Thank you for helping with the interview prep. He did very well on the actual interview :) "

– Parent of a Chinese 10th grader, applying to an international high school in Idaho

Wenyu Jiao

"Jennifer helped me prepare for my interviews. I was applying to colleges in the US as a transfer student. I go to an English language school in China now and so my English is good and I did well on the TOEFL but when I worked with Jennifer I didn't know how to answer the questions quickly. I think I am good at English but I never speak with native speakers so I had to practice before my interviews. I also didn't understand some of the questions that she gave me. She explained them to me and I practiced them for homework. She also told me I needed to research the schools more before I went to the interviews. I applied to 5 schools and I had Skype interviews with all 5. I did much better in my interviews than I thought I would. I wasn't perfect, but I got into American University! Thank you for your help Jennifer."

– Chinese college student transferring to a US school

Seungyeon Lee

"She always listens to my words attentively. She is a great listener who can point out my mistakes."

– from South Korea, applying to US colleges


"I am grateful for your help Jennifer, thank you!"

– from Saudi Arabia, getting a BA in Sociology